How Does a Boutique Hotel Differ?

A catchphrase does just that – it “catches on” – but the problem with them is that people typically latch on and start to use them incorrectly. If you’re planning a trip, you might have seen the term “boutique hotel” and wondered exactly what it means. If you think you know what a boutique hotel is, make sure you do. It is not totally what you are probably used to in hotels. Boutique hotels have been around for over three decades, but they are just starting to catch on. Originally popping up in New York and London, their niche feel and “chic” offerings have started to take hold around the US, and they are definitely a phenomenon in Charleston.

What is a Boutique Hotel?

There are no strict guidelines that have to be followed to claim that you are a boutique hotel. In general, however, they are hotels that are architecturally or artistically different from traditional hotel accommodations. They also typically have the following characteristics:

  • Less than 100 rooms, centered on providing an individual touch
  • They are independently owned and serve as a “one-of-a-kind” property
  • Location is the key; often centered in the heart of the city or downtown area
  • Designer decor alongside modern amenities
  • Immersed in the culture of the city or its surroundings

A Boutique Hotel Provides a Different Experience

Along with the size of the hotel itself, a boutique hotel also has a specific “feel” or experience that vibes with its surroundings. In Charleston, boutique hotels tend to be in older neighborhoods and strategically placed so that guests can have the modernity and location they desire that makes any trip pleasurable, while also maintaining old-world charm and artistry. They might not offer a sprawling room with a penthouse view; instead, they provide you with a first-class view of the city itself, like where the locals go to enjoy a good meal or other little extras that can often pass you by when visiting a place away from home.

What is the Difference Between Chain Hotels and Boutique Hotels?

Although the word “boutique” can be open to many different interpretations, especially in the hotel industry, it is not a real definition; it’s more about the feeling that a hotel has. It is smaller than a traditional hotel by design, and a boutique hotel provides you with a catered experience that is outside the norm. When you go to a chain hotel in Charleston, you get the same accommodations as you would at the same chain hotel in Chicago. Boutique hotels differ because there are no two that are the same from city to city, and therein lies the charm of staying at one!

What to Expect

When you choose a boutique hotel in Charleston over a traditional one, realize that things might not be exactly as you expect. Boutique hotels are not famed for having upscale fitness rooms, spas, and world-class restaurants on-premises, but they typically do try to provide you with the amenities that are important by contracting with other local establishments to offer grab-and-go breakfast or workout facilities that you can access.

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